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Welcome To EagleSong Alaska!

    The Williams Family created EagleSong Lodge, located 40 roadless miles to the northwest of Anchorage in 1994.  In 2010 it became EagleSong Family Peony Farm.  It is flanked by the domineering Mt. Susitna, known to most that view her today as Sleeping Lady.  From this vantage point she becomes not an object, but a force.  There are no zip codes, street signs, or utility poles and the closest neighbor is 13 miles away. 

    The Williams Family began carving moose antlers, burl bowls, and spruce logs into Alaskan wildlife as a way to decorate their wilderness lodge.  Today, all of their carvings have a story.  Burl bowls have a shape predestined by nature, spruce logs have a dominant character waiting to be uncovered, and each moose antler holds an event to be told.  Their carvings are a one of a kind, crafted by hand from local materials and produced at EagleSong.  Each piece is part of this land we call Alaska.

Special Events:


*Anchorage Downtown Market & Festival

Booth 123  W. Caribou Corridor

May-Sep , 2014

Sat & Sun 10:00AM-6:00PM

(corner of 3rd & E Street, Anchorage Alaska)

Voted  best booth for 2009

Be sure to come and see what new works we'll have or to put in your own personalized order!


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